Masters in Local History, at University College Cork (part-time, 2014-2016).

My MA thesis research is on the Irish revolution period in the mid-Cork parish of Kilmurry, near Macroom (G and H Companies, 7th Battalion, Cork No 1 Brigade, Irish Volunteers/IRA).

Reading & research interests

  • United Irishmen rebellion 1798
  • Cork trade and industrial exhibitions and fairs (1852, 1883, 1902-03, 1932)
  • Irish revolution in Cork
  • Social history of Cork, its places and its people, particularly of the 18th to early-20th centuries.

Collecting Cork

Glassware souvenirs of the Cork International Exhibition 1902 & 1903

Glassware souvenirs of the Cork International Exhibition 1902 & 1903

I also collect books, images, ephemera, and other items of Cork historical interest – including many items related to the Cork exhibitions, some of which may well be featured here from time to time. Some were featured in Daniel Breen and Tom Spalding’s 2014 book The Cork International Exhibition 1902-1903: A Snapshot of Edwardian Cork (Irish Academic Press), and in a related exhibition at Cork Public Museum, May-July 2014.

Guy’s map of Cork city, 1893 (used by late city architect Tony McNamara’s as the end-papers of his 1981 book, ‘Portrait of Cork’)


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Niall,
    i’ve seen a small marble powder bas-relief pictures with behind a medal of Cork Exhibitions.
    do you think that it’s an original one ?
    did you never seen one before?
    Are the commemorative medals very common?
    Many thanks


    • Hi Sergio,

      I’m not sure which of the Cork exhibitions the medal you refer to is from. There are medals (more like medallions) awarded to winners of categories at the 1883 Cork Industrial Exhibition.
      The other Exhibitions of 1852 and 1902/1903 have more commemorative tokens and medals associated with them, sometimes produced by local businesses promoting their shops or business.
      There are very common ones by Tylers Boots from the Cork 1902 Exhibition (small copper, size of a very small coin), others might be less common, but again it depends which exhibition it relates to. Feel free to send on any pictures you might have, by reply.



  2. Yvonne Pugh said:

    I have two glasses from the cork international 1902, are they worth any thing or ad any interest to you?


    • Hi Yvonne.
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I’m Always interested in anything to do always interested in anything to do with the Cork Exhibitions. Do you have photos you can share and I might be able to tell you more? Where are you based?



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